Who You Gonna Call?


When my daughter first started school, my head was spinning. She had gone to a Parents’ Day Out program and preschool in a very small, relaxed environment at a local church. Now she was in the thralls of public school, and there seemed to be rules and procedures for everything. If she forgot her lunch, I had to go to a certain office, fill out a paper and leave it for her, trusting it would get to the correct place in time. If she was going to be absent, I had to report it in a certain way by a certain time. Even dropping her off and picking her up were a challenge. Those lines or procedures can be brutal, and it took weeks to find just the right routine that worked for us.

Now she is in her second year of school and everything just flows better. We know the procedures, the staff and the routines. It hasn’t been nearly the learning the curve that was the entire first semester of kindergarten. We know the way things work, so we can make it work well for us.

City government can be very similar. There are a variety of services offered by your local city government, but figuring out how to access those services can be a challenge. If I need to talk to someone about my water bill, which department do I call? There isn’t an option for Water Department. Well, there are reasons for that, some of which I will get into in future posts. The simple answer is that water and sewer service issues fall under Public Works, but anything having to do with billing goes through the Business Office. So I would need to call the Business Office at the City if I had a question about my water bill. If you are building something, that is handled by Code Enforcement. The list can go on and on.

The idea behind this blog is to help the general public get a clearer picture of what various City departments do and how they function. Those of us working at the City are just regular people. We are your neighbors and friends. We are here to help the residents of Canyon and make the work of the City run as smoothly as possible. Although government can get a bad reputation for being difficult, that is not our intention. Hopefully, through this blog, we can help make the Resident/City relationship a great one!

1 thought on “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I enjoyed your first blog. Your comparison of starting public school and accessing help from a government entity was good. Please check out my blog on Professional Image – annesprofessionalimageblog.
    Anne Nail


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