Local Government Has Your Back

City Hall at 310 16 St. in Canyon.

Hi! Welcome to the City of Canyon’s new blog!

If you’re seeing this, you’ve probably already read the first few postings. The first of which is a brief intro to what we’ll be doing and what kind of info we are trying to pass along to you, our customer. In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be given some great information about what we do, who does it and how we do it.

I’m excited!RandyCriswellpic

Local government is the best government because it’s the closest to the people. Why? Well, look at our other government levels. In Texas we’ve got City and County government (separate entities, not combined like in some other states), then we’ve got State government and then we have our Federal government.

I honestly would have to work pretty hard to name much that the Federal government does that positively affects my daily life. Same goes for State government. Let me digress for a minute.

The reality of it is, in Texas, our State government takes money from cities. We are a funding mechanism for the State. Did you know that? Did you know that the first $84 of every traffic fine goes to the State?  Did you know the State keeps a portion of the sales tax that is collected in the City and supposed to be returned to the City? Cities have challenged the State to prove up the cost of keeping some of our money, and they refuse. Interesting, eh? The State wants to rule over cities and chisel away at our authority to work for YOU, but they don’t provide us with any funding. Ok, I’ll step off my soap box now.

Back to the subject.

In contrast, City government does a lot that positively affects our daily lives. Clean water to drink, dirty water disposed of safely and efficiently, trash collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, police protection, fire protection and building codes that ensure your home is built to a national standard for your safety and protection. Those are things that we must have to meet our basic needs. City government makes our lives better by providing those things, but there’s more. Not only do we provide the things that make life livable, healthy and safe, we also provide things that are just plain fun. Things like a library, a parks system, a first-class golf course and a brand new water park, just add to the fun factor of our lives in Canyon.

Local government is accessible. If you call wanting to talk to someone, you will. If you have a problem or a question, you can get an answer, usually immediately or within a very short time frame. If you want to talk to me, you can. If you want to talk to the Mayor, you can. Ever try to visit with the Governor? How about the President? Won’t happen. I’m not comparing myself or the Mayor to the Governor or the President, so please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Those are some awfully important positions, and of course they can’t talk to everyone who might call. The point I’m making is if you call us, you’ll get us. I know speaking for myself, it might take me a day to get back with you, but I’ll call you back. If we don’t have an answer to your problem, we’ll try to find one.

Local government solves problems. We touch your lives every day. A lot of what we do, you don’t even see. When we’re doing our jobs right, you probably don’t even think about it. That’s what we want. That’s our job. We want to do it so well that you never give it a thought. If we’re not making the grade, please let us know! We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broken! Your feedback and input is important to us.

Local Government – we’ve got your back.

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2 thoughts on “Local Government Has Your Back

  1. As a licensed irrigator my a complaint about the city relates to the lack of enforcement of the 17 page portion of the code that pertains to landscape irrigation.
    I found major deficiencies with the installation at parents home in Canyon East and the adopted code. This is a state regulated and and most installers operating in canyon east are not following TCEQ mandates or city ordinances. I do not know why the city seems to take this issue so lightly. I hope we can discuss this.


    1. Hi Michael! Thank you for your comment. I would like to encourage you to talk to Code Enforcement about your concerns. They can be reached at 655-5000.


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