Project Prepares City for Development

As the City grows, so do the needs for infrastructure. Some may have noticed large equipment just to the south of Walmart in Canyon.

The Public Works department often gets the question, “What is going on out by the golf course, along Hwy 60/87?”

The City of Canyon has undertaken a large sewer system improvement project. This project includes the replacement and upgrade of one of our sewer pump stations. Most may not have known that this station ever existed, next to “Walmart Lake.”

Crews work on the Lift Station #4 Replacement Project just to the south of Walmart in Canyon.

“The existing station has done its job since the 1970s and has reached its capacity,” said Dan Reese, Director of Public Works. “With new development to the north and west, additional system capacity was needed to serve it. The large equipment that you see out there is required to prepare the site for the large excavation needed to replace the pump station.”

The new station will not only continue to serve Hunsley Hills and the current development, but it will have the capacity to serve approximately 500 acres of additional development, when it occurs.

Later in the project, one will see some major pipeline work behind Walmart and along Hunsley Road. This work is part on the same project, designed to serve both current and future development to the northwest.

The final phase of the project that will affect the City will be an upgrade to the sewer main in Hospital Drive from Russel Long Blvd. (Spur 48) to 4th Ave. (Hwy 217).

The entire project is scheduled for completion in August of 2018.

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1 thought on “Project Prepares City for Development

  1. Future development and planning should be based on current and well researched planning movements like Smart Growth and Low Impact Development that focus in efficient land use, improved methods to manage/use stormwater and bmp relating to potable water use. The city relies to heavily on old engineering solutions and planning techniques as opposed to contributions of current landscape architecture and planning trends.


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