Talkin’ Trash

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Trash set around a Dumpster leaves an alley with debris that cannot be collected by a regular trash truck route.


My dad was on at-home dialysis for about four years. During that time he went through two or three boxes every day that contained his dialysis liquid. He used more than 60 boxes a month! Disposal of that many boxes and the plastic inside became quite a challenge. We tried to recycle the boxes or give them away. That worked to a point, but it’s difficult to find a home for 60 boxes each and every month. Plus, there was a considerable amount of plastic that had to be thrown out each day.

I had to get creative in disposing of so much material. I used my dad’s Dumpster, but I didn’t want to stuff it so I would use others in the alley. I tried to disperse the material so that it didn’t cause a great impact on any single container. At times, I would put the items in my car and find a near empty or Dumpster. I knew that since my dad and I both paid for City trash service, I could use any Dumpster in town.

That holds true today. As a City resident paying for trash service, you are entitled to use any Dumpster in town to dispose of your trash. At times, such as around the holidays, the Dumpsters can get quite full. Such was the case this past Christmas. When trash is placed in the Dumpster, it cannot be properly collected. The trash truck will lift the Dumpster, causing the trash around the bin to fall or be spread out down the alley. It’s not an ideal situation, to say the least. That’s why we ask that residents don’t place trash anywhere but inside the Dumpster. You can use a nearby bin, one across town or near City Hall.

City Manager, Randy Criswell, shares some tips and information about Dumpsters and trash collection below.


2 thoughts on “Talkin’ Trash

  1. Where can a Canyon resident dispose of a used hot water heater?


    1. Hi Gary! You can take that to the Solid Waste department at 301 1st Ave. in Canyon.


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