More Trash Talk – Resident Responsibilities


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We rely on City government for certain services. We expect clean water, safe buildings, and trash removal. However, those services come with a citizen responsibility, as well. Of course, these things are made possible by tax dollars. There is more to it than that. When we all do our part to be responsible, the services work more smoothly.

City Manager, Randy Criswell, talks about the responsibilities of residents in the aspect of trash pickup. There are certain policies that if are not followed, could result in a citation and fine. Listen to Randy’s tips here.



City Policies for Bulky Trash

It is illegal to dispose of tires, batteries, chemicals and paint in Dumpsters or in the alley. These items are considered “household hazardous waste” and you must dispose of these items yourself through a qualified hazardous material handler. No dirt, sand, concrete, brick or other bulk construction material shall be placed or stockpiled in the alley or discarded in Dumpsters at any time. You can haul these items to the landfill or reserve the City truck. More information about those services is listed below.

Refrigerated appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioning units and central air conditioning units as well as washers, dryers, water heaters and other scrap metals may be delivered to the Street and Solid Waste department located at 301 1st Ave. for recycling.

Dumping in the alley right of way is a violation of City ordinance, blocks access to City and private utility services and create unnecessary work for City crews. You do not need to call in a work order for bulky pickup. We have four scheduled bulky pickup routes that we run quarterly. Currently, it takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete the entire City each quarter. Bulky materials placed in the alley shall not exceed approximately two (2) cubic yards (about the size of the inside of a pickup bed.)

Use of the Landfill

Bulky materials may be taken to Southwest Landfill at no charge to you by showing a copy of your water bill and ID to landfill personnel. Each solid waste fee paying customer is allowed 12 free pickup loads per year. Each trip to the landfill shall be limited to two loads or the equivalent of a pickup and small trailer. Oversized loads delivered to the landfill will be rejected by landfill personnel or regular landfill rates will be charged to the customer if the two load equivalent is exceeded. When planning your trip to the landfill, please allow enough time for processing your load.

Items not permitted in the landfill include refrigerators, freezers, A/C units and any other items contains CFC’s (Freon), tires, hazardous waste, wet paint, oil, used oil filters, batteries, untreated medical waste, and pesticides.

Use of the City Truck

The City of Canyon offers the use of the city truck, when available, on a first come, first served basis, for the removal of trash, tree trimmings, shingles, etc. If you have any large items, please place them on the truck last. The City limits the private usage of this truck up to three times per the calendar year. You may not place batteries, tires, oil, paint, dirt, brick, concrete, asphalt, antifreeze or refrigerated appliances in the truck. The tailgate must be able to be completely closed and all debris must be secured and remain in the truck during transit. Any items listed previously that are placed in the truck will be returned to the residence. The City of Canyon restricts the use of City vehicles to individuals who are performing work for themselves on property they own or rent within the City limits. Work that is performed for pay is not eligible for this service. It is not the intention of the City for this truck to be used to clean up after construction projects that generate debris in amounts greater than 7,000 pounds. If the load limit is exceeded or prohibited materials are placed in the truck, a charge of $200 will be paid by the person requesting the vehicle. The truck will be parked in a driveway, front yard or on a street and will be picked up the next workday morning. Only City employees will be allowed to drive any City vehicle due to insurance restrictions. The hydraulic tailgate will be locked in the lowered position and will not be available for use by residents using the truck. Any material on the tailgate and not in the bed of the truck will be returned to the residence. To use the truck, call Public Works at 655-5011.

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