Planning For Today & Tomorrow

Don't Panic, It's Organic.

Planning…when you mention that word to some folks they cringe, while others say “let’s get started.”  Whether we are planning a vacation or a project around the house, we all have different thoughts about the planning process.  Some people appear to continually skip the planning process and act spontaneously, while others seem to get stuck in the planning stages and never seem to get started on anything.  There are certainly advantages and consequences associated with all planning methods.

As City of Canyon staff members, it is critical that we spend a great deal of time planning for the future of Canyon.  It is through planning that staff members, elected officials, and committee volunteers help move Canyon in the direction that you, the citizens, want the city to go.  It is our responsibility to provide you with opportunities to share your vision for Canyon and for staff to aid City Commissioners in leading Canyon in that direction.  It is also our responsibility to continually plan as we attempt to meet your needs and work towards meeting the needs of future residents.

The City of Canyon has had two major planning projects in a process over the past two years.  The first project that I want to talk about is the Canyon Comprehensive Plan.  Comprehensive Plans are documents that are created through a lengthy process, typically 12 months, and they provide communities with a basic roadmap to attain their goals.  This project kicked off in May 2017 and has offered citizens multiple opportunities to proved input to the plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a 10 to 20-year strategy developed to help protect Canyon’s way-of-life and provides guidance for City Commissioners, committee members, and city staff as they plan for the future.  The guiding principles for this plan have come from you, the citizens of Canyon, through surveys, community meetings, and committees.  It is our goal to develop and seek your approval of a plan that will allow us to efficiently deliver public services, develop policies that will assist in the orderly growth of the city, and provide a rational and reasonable basis for making development decisions in Canyon.

A group of citizens, the Comprehensive Plan Action Committee (CPAC) has been actively engaged in reviewing community input and professional recommendations associated with the Plan.  The CPAC will soon be reviewing the first draft of the Plan and once they have had the opportunity to respond to the Plan, you, the citizens of Canyon, will be invited to a community meeting to review the plan and provide your feedback.  Once all feedback has been received and the Plans has been completed it will move to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Commission for further review and adoption.

Look for your opportunity to comment on the Canyon Comprehensive Plan this spring.  Come to our community open house and let us know what you think about the Plan.

A second planning project that has been underway here in Canyon is the Canyon Parks and Open Space Master Plan.  This Plan will serve as a guide for the City and the Parks Department for the next eight to 10 years.  Through various methods, including over 400 respondents to an online survey, Canyon community members have expressed their opinions related to the current park facilities and their thoughts related to future facilities.

The Canyon Parks and Open Space Master Plan will provide city staff, elected officials, and citizens with a framework for the continued improvement of current facilities and the development of new parks facilities.  Citizens have reported that they believe that the Canyon parks are important to the community and have a provided a ranking of the amenities that they would like to see in the parks.  Once the plan is adopted by the Canyon City Commission the Parks Department will begin working toward meeting the multiple goals associated with the Plan.

Both of these planning processes have provided opportunities for citizens to express their opinions related to the future of Canyon.  We have heard a wide range of comments from citizens.  It is clear that the citizens of Canyon enjoy living in Canyon, that they would like to see Canyon grow, and that there are many aspects of life in Canyon that citizens would like to protect as the community grows.  As we complete these two planning process it will be our responsibility to start using these two documents to make the decisions that will help lead Canyon down the path that you, the citizens of Canyon, believe that it should be on.

1 thought on “Planning For Today & Tomorrow

  1. In looking at grow boundaries, open space planning, water supply and stormwater I have seen a weak and uncollaborative effort in planning. All aspects should be looked at together not in for instance in a separate parks plan completed in house. Additionally, a 10 year increment is far too long. Look at the bland and poorly designed canyon east park. You would get better quality if qualified landscape architects are leading this effort. Such quality plans can be implemented in stages instead of a cheaply thrown together design. As far as city planning goes it is evident that low impact development and sustainable development play no part in the process as developers run rough shoot over the process.


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