Mowing down summer hazards


It’s time to get out and enjoy the warm summer months – vacation, barbeque, swimming at The CAP, puttering in the garden, firing up the lawn mower and weed-eater…

As the growing season begins, we’re reminding all property owners and tenants to keep their lots and alleys mowed to eliminate tall grass and weeds. According to the City of Canyon Code of Ordinances, it’s a violation to allow grass and weeds to grow to a height greater than 12 inches.  The office of Planning & Development, formerly known as Code Enforcement, is responsible for ensuring that all properties within the City of Canyon are in compliance with these requirements. The requirements help minimize fire risk as the vegetation dries out. Also, uncontrolled vegetation provides a perfect environment for disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes. Maintenance helps ensure that these unwanted pests are kept to a minimum. It’s a good time to remind everyone to remove any standing water, also a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Residents are urged to maintain their property and keep it free of uncultivated vegetation. Those who don’t are at risk of receiving a notice from City. During the summer months, Planning & Development personnel, also known as “weed cops,” will be investigating violations with one-foot increments marked on their pant legs and sending out notices of violations. Property owners will be billed for the mowing costs plus $100 in administrative costs for any property mowed by the city contractor.

To report tall grass and weeds in your neighborhood, please call Planning & Development at (806) 655-5014 or go online to Click on “Report a Concern.” You can also email me a

Thanks for keeping Canyon beautiful. It’s a great place to be!  Have a great summer!

1 thought on “Mowing down summer hazards

  1. I would also suggest to fully enforce the city’s 8 page landscape irrigation ordnance, most of the irrigation installs in Canyon East do not come close to meeting the standards in the code, included the irrigation system in Canyon East Park of which the city parks department and an irrigation contractor were responsible for the installation. Important aspects like accurate documentation and basic hydraulic 101 principals (matched precipitation and uniform distribution) are being ignored by the inspectors. I saw the inspector do this and I had to point out issues to him on an inspection. The irrigation was approved by the city reguardless of the many infractions.


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