Driving to keep our community safe


A lot of times when people are asked what they like about Canyon, you hear things such as, the people, the parks, West Texas A&M University or the small-town feel. There are lots of wonderful things that make up our everyday life here in Canyon. The reality is that none of us would want to be here if it wasn’t a safe place to live and work. The low crime rate, the friendly and helpful citizens, Canyon Police Department, the caring City staff – all of these things and more contribute to what we know of as home.

Canyon is the City we live or work in, and the City that we want to keep safe. This includes everything from the City parks being safe for the kids, being a courteous driver and even being prepared for an active shooter event. We just have to make the effort to keep what we have, but this takes communication and awareness.

The Safety Department, not the aspect of safety, is relatively new to the City of Canyon, and with the support of City management, the Safety Department has taken off. It is our goal to raise awareness and to basically put safety in the forefront of everything that we do. This is not only for the safety and protection of the City of Canyon employees but also the community itself. Whether it comes from citizens or from employees, if there is a particular hazard out in the community, please let us know, maybe we can do something about it.

With a safe community and City employees who have a mindset of awareness and protection, how can we go wrong? Keep in mind that the most dangerous thing most everyone does is probably driving. Rarely is there more potential to do harm, both to people and property, than when driving. Therefore, I feel obligated to bring this up. With almost everyone in a hurry or texting or otherwise distracted, it is a wonder that we make it home safely at all. Our only means of helping this situation is to commit ourselves to drive carefully and defensively – to do our part.

I, for one, think that it takes a City-wide effort to make and keep a safe community. This means everyone doing their part, from driving friendly to reporting suspicious activities. If you value this community, then this should come easily to you. What we have in Canyon is no longer our little secret. Let’s look out for each other and keep this community safe and wonderful. All of us together can certainly help the City of Canyon and the community of Canyon be a safe and wonderful place to live and work.

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